Google Ads Service That Takes Revenue Curve Higher!

Generate more sales and maximize return on investment with our full-funnel Google Ads service. Our goal-oriented campaigns will help you expand your horizon and grow your business with an optimal budget and precise targeting strategies.

Our Google Ads service attracts a flux of traffic, increases conversion, and gains more traction. In short, we help you to rule the digital landscape and maintain persistent brand awareness.

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Google Ads And PPC Services That Take Revenue Curve Higher

Why Advertise On Google Ads Platform?

Google Ads run on PPC, or pay-per-click advertising model, a powerful marketing tool that helps you target your potential customers. Now you can get more impressions, site visits, and more leads. Google Ads platform present you with manifold benefits:

Gives you more control over expense

PPC model lets you choose a budget scheme. It allows you to set a maximum budget per day and control how much is spent on each campaign. Google Ads service can be adapted to all businesses, including small SMEs and start-ups.

Pay only for each precious visit

In traditional advertising methods, you pay a certain amount for a given ad shown, regardless of who sees it and what benefit you receive. Whereas, with Google Ads, you only pay when someone interacts with your ad.

Your website ranks low? Still, you can compete!

Your ads will show on search even if you have a small business or your website is new; it lets you compete with big businesses that have been around for years. Also, ads aren’t affected by Google’s algorithm updates. So, your ads will stay persistent.

Real-time ads adjustments

At any point, you can modify the ad and make further adjustments. So, if something is not right, or the products changes, you will be able to make changes whenever you need.

Why Choose Our Google Ads Service?

We generate leads; it’s highly targeted, cost-effective, and delivers fast results.

Our Google Ads service hits the sweet spot- it makes you money! Our ads are well-planned, structured, precise. We handcraft advertisements with care and direct them to your customer segment. We don’t stop after displaying ads; our team constantly monitors and analyzes to provide the best possible outcome for your business. Here are notable highlights of our service:

Cost-effective – We care about your promotional budget, opt for cost-effective methods to maximize the ad potential to provide you with the desired result. Our expert marketers will research your industry and place your ads where it matters most.

Targeted campaigns that count – We develop custom campaigns that only show up to the customers hunting for your product and services. We optimize the ad so that you won’t be wasting any impression!

A/B test to optimize performance – To ensure you receive the best return on investment, we will set up multiple ads with different variations to see which one yields the best result. It helps to understand what type of content your audience interacts with the most.

Why Choose Our Google Ads Service

Target customer remarketing – We provide highly effective remarketing services that effectively bell the previous customers revert to your product and services. Our experts opt for a data-driven remarketing approach that ends up with the highest retention rate.

Maintain persistent brand recognition – Our effective ad campaigns show up more frequently to targeted customers and help create a better brand impression. Customers will interact with your product and services, associate themselves more with your brand. You will have a more stable customer base.

Why Choose Dnotch for PPC

Why Choose DNOTCH?

We analyze, plan and strategize to ensure your ads reach the right people at the right time.

We research the industry you are in, get to know your business, analyze the marketing potential, strategize, and develop targeted campaigns that align with your business goals.

We don’t believe in “one-size-fits-all.” DNOTCH provides custom strategies for your business depending on size and budget. We have something for everyone!

Contact us for a free consultation with one of our experienced marketers, find what we can do for you.

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