Precision Performance and Security Tracking Services

Keep your website or application up-to-date and completely secure through our cost-effective security and performance tracking services. We specialize in identifying performance bottlenecks and actively detect cyber security threats across different platforms and infrastructures at an affordable cost. Our services help businesses with immaculate tracking services to ensure smooth system operations with robust security and optimum performance.

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Precision Performance and Security Tracking Services

Why Get Performance and security tracking services?

As soon as your business went digital, every bit of information available online turned into digital assets and became a subject to security against vulnerability and threats. These assets need to be secure, functional, and optimal performance levels. If your system is not secure enough and gets compromised, or if your digital performance level is not up to the mark, you may end up losing customers, and your revenue stream may get affected.

At Dnotch, we can help you keep your system secure, ensure maximum uptime, and keep track of performance changes. Whether you need tracking services for your websites, mobile apps, servers, or cloud applications – we can help you with all the support you need.

Services we offer to our clients

We provide a wide array of security and performance tracking services for every business, including the small ones. Each of our services is also customized to fit the needs of your application. Take a peek at what we offer:

DDoS Protection

Our DDoS protection will ensure service availability and mitigate the risks of the most complex DDoS attacks. Our security services are available for different types of infrastructure – from cloud-based to hardware-based to hybrid solutions. We provide a fully-managed security service with centralized reporting and control.

Application Protection

Our application protection services are designed to protect your digital assets and customer data across all environments and platforms, whether mobile, desktop, cloud, or hybrid. We can help you mitigate API attacks, application-layer DDoS assaults, detect “good” vs. “bad” bots, and much more.

Cloud Protection

We provide a full suite of cloud security services across different environments and platforms. Our services offer threat protection at both the application and cloud infrastructure layers. We will seamlessly integrate security into your CI/CD environment without hampering other processes.

Security And Performance Tracking Services Dnotch Offer
Performance Tracking & Reporting

Our performance tracking services will check your application status and capabilities to ensure it is running at its optimal functionality. We will monitor all application layers from front-end to back-end to check if everything is working as expected. We provide detailed reports on issues to help you mitigate them.

User Experience Monitoring

We will monitor user interactions against measurable metrics to analyze the user experience of your application. We also include application response time, transaction, and every data related to user interaction in a detailed report to help you improve the user experience of your system.

Why Hire DNOTCH For Security And Performance Tracking Services

Why hire DNOTCH?

At DNOTCH, we have teams of dedicated professionals experienced in internet security, networking, and cyber risk & performance management. Our services are designed to give you valuable insights linked to user satisfaction and business performance. We will help you identify bottlenecks and resolve latency & performance issues caused by networks, servers, or any component of your application.

As a business, we understand the value of data security and personal privacy, and we are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified. We aim to set realistic performance targets for our clients and help them generate tangible business outcomes with our service.

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