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We craft e-mails that customers read and act!

Reach product and services promotion directly to your customers’ inbox through scheduled e-mails that convince them to take desired actions, i.e., subscriptions, grab offers, and opportunities. We help you be a business where customers bookmark your service for the future.

Avail our service and send gripping, personalized, promotional e-mails that effectively convey information about your products and services and get the intended response. Our e-mails carry value-added content that customers cannot avoid, marking them as “starred” or “important” for delayed purchases.

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E-mail Marketing Services That Boost Your Sales

E-mail Marketing services that boost your sales

Our e-mail marketing services help you speed up your sales cycle, target and reach customers and expand the customer base. When we integrate with CRM and schedule, automatically, the e-mails reach out to customers. We also customize e-mails for different categories according to the customers’ labels, i.e., “VIP,” “Regular,” as you put. It helps you to send relevant messages to each of them. We aim to reach clients at the right time and take action.

Our full-service e-mail marketing covers the whole ground. Take a peek:

E-mail drafting

We offer you e-mail writing services for your day-to-day communication with the leads. E-mails can include various content like invitation e-mails, newsletter e-mails, updates of product and service e-mails, simple greetings, and many more. Our e-mails are drafted to engage, entice, and persuade customers to buy products and services.

Integrate to CRM

Integrating your e-mail with customer relationship management software (CRM) will help you better manage your e-mails. By connecting to CRM, we manage sales e-mails exchanges automatically, execute successful outbound campaigns, reach the right customers and help you increase sales.

On-time scheduling

We specialize in sending e-mails at the right time. On-time scheduling helps you to execute e-mail campaigns flawlessly. Un-timely sent e-mails may not add value or bring you desired results. Your customer may not show interest or rather be annoyed at your wrongly scheduled e-mails.

Custom-built e-mail software

We build custom software for your e-mail integration if you do not prefer to use pre-built software. Our team of developers will take an insight into what you need and develop tailored software accordingly.

Why should you integrate your e-mail?

Integrate e-mails to build a better customer-client relationship.

New business aspires to reach a broad audience to create an impact. Integrations help get an updated list of subscribers and send them an appealing e-mail containing information or promotional offers regarding your products and services. Ideally, effective e-mail marketing and schedule integration convey relevant information and help earn more customers licks, compel them to choose, and add your product and services to the cart.

Integrating with CRM tools is the way to get real-time information about consumers and subscribers and ensure exposure to the service.

Here are some of the key benefits of e-mail integration:

  • Affordable yet effective promotional medium
  • Enables targeted promotion and effective remarketing
  • Allows personalized e-mails to particular consumers
  • Automated e-mailing process smooth workflow
  • Always provides an updated list of subscribers
Integrated E-mail Marketing Services
The Automatic E-mail Marketing Process

How do we send gripping e-mails that sell?

We use MailChimp to automate the e-mail marketing process. This tool helps us make a list of subscribers sort them into different groups like active clients, VIP clients, etc. The sorting allows personalized messages and special offers to each type of customer.

MailChimp has different layout themes to choose from, and it also allows us to create new e-mail layouts.

As we prepare a set of e-mails, we schedule them to send to the customers at the ideal time.

Perks of e-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is one of the most cost-effective marketing tools. It’s not true that people avoid promotional e-mails. Attractive and persuasive e-mails can bullseye target customers. They turn traffic, help generate leads and compel customers to make purchases. Integrating e-mail marketing to customer relationship management with an e-mail marketing tool will automatically send e-mails directing to the target customers, containing relevant information, guides, videos, etc., regarding your products and services.

To convert prospects to customers, you can send promotional codes, special offers, discounts, etc. It is easier to convince customers through e-mails containing value-adding content. Moreover, you can schedule a special birthday offer e-mail that will go out on the customers’ birthday, so you have an increased chance of a conversion.

Cost-effective E-mail Marketing
Why Choose Dnotch For E-mail Marketing Services

Why choose DNOTCH for e-mail marketing services?

At DNOTCH, a team of marketers and creative writers are waiting to write persuasive e-mails to increase sales for you. We align our e-mail marketing and scheduling integration services goal to help you reach your marketing goal; we ensure you get the most out of your marketing investment. So, we listen, understand, and deliver effective and credible e-mails containing clear calls to action. We have experts and tools to promote, bring organic traffic, and optimize your products and services among the audience for ensuring better sales.

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