Affordable Application Maintenance and Support Services

We offer cost-effective and highly reliable maintenance and support for applications.

Keep your applications flawless, productive, and up-to-date with our cost-effective application maintenance and support services. We specialize in app expansion or modification, supplementary solutions on board to enhance their performance and security. Our services are highly customizable-hourly, monthly, or fixed charge; choose whatever fits you the best.

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Application Maintenance And Support Services

Why Do You Need Application Maintenance & Support Services?

Maintenance is quintessential for every software to be future-proof regardless of business or product type. Suppose you don’t maintain the application, the underlying technology changes and leaves your apps backdated. Regular maintenance will ensure trouble-free use by eliminating defects, inefficiencies, and malfunctions.

At DNOTC, we provide a full range of application maintenance and support services ranging from production support, performance monitoring, bug fixing, enhancements, migration, user support and training, and much more. Our cost-effective services will help you increase efficiency, reduce downtime, and keep your application fully functional.

What Application Maintenance & Support Services Do We Offer?

We provide comprehensive software maintenance services to cover all your technology-based issues and maintain seamless application operation. Here’s what we will do for you:

Software Migration

Applications at times do not perform at their best due to outdated technology or inefficient environment. Our experts can help you migrate to a new server or OS to improve its functionality for such situations.

Application Auditing

We provide complete auditing services for all the basic and core functionality of the application. We seek to identify all the weaknesses and risks and provide actionable suggestions to mitigate those issues through this service.

System Monitoring

Our monitoring service will ensure your application stays fully functional and maintains maximum uptime. We will perform both performance and security checks at a regular interval. We provide monitoring services for application & server, event log management, and backup & recovery.

Application Maintenance And Support Services Do We Offer
Bug Fix & Tracking

Our engineers will set up a bug tracking system to identify and report defects during maintenance and development phases. Your supplication will be thoroughly quality-checked, and all the bugs identified will be resolved before deployment.

Technical Support & Trouble Shooting

Your application can be accessed by both technical and non-technical teams. Our experts will help you navigate the system and provide documented support for you or your team. We can help you to troubleshoot problems at any complexity.

Benefits Of Our Maintenance And Support Services

Our Maintenance & Support Service Benefits

One-stop Provider for all Maintenance Needs

We provide a complete range of maintenance services at all levels of complexity. Regardless of the application type, we have experts who can handle all your maintenance needs.

Cost-effective Maintenance Solution

Our application maintenance services are cost-effective for every business. Our services will help you reduce costs and achieve a better return on investment.

24/7 Application Monitoring

We will monitor your application 24/7 to identify anomalies, security threats, performance issues, etc.

Timely Delivery

We ensure every project we take is delivered on time so that our client may reduce their time-to-market.

Timely Delivery

We ensure every project we take is delivered on time so that our client may reduce their time-to-market.

Dedicated Maintenance Team

You will receive a dedicated team who will take care of all the application maintenance tasks as well as provide live support for your company’s technical and non-technical members.

Why choose us?

We are local, affordable, and just a call away!

At DNOTCH, we provide maintenance and support services to increase your application’s performance, reliability, and security. You will receive a full range of services, from tracking and fixing bugs to migration to application modification. Here are some highlights that make us unique:

  • We are local and highly responsive
  • We are ISO 9001 and 27001 certified
  • 10+ years of experience in the IT industry
  • We are a client-centric, client-friendly service provider
  • We offer customized services for every business
Why Choose Our Application Maintenance And Support Services

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